Compiler Tool Chain Consulting Services

Experts in tailor-made compiler tool chains and system libraries.

Who We Are

We help our customers to get the best possible software development tools.

Some of the Fortune 500, companies are among our LLVM development clients

10+ years of experience in LLVM and Clang active development

What We Do

Compiler Tool Chains

We can design, develop and port a compiler tool chain for your target based on Clang and LLVM. We have extensive experience in creation and maintenance of compiler tool chains for various microcontrollers, SoCs and DSPs.

System Libraries

We can help you with porting system libraries, such as libc and libc++ and tuning them up to be efficient for your specific platform.

Support & Maintenance

Having your platform supported by a large open source project like LLVM could save time and effort in adapting changes from upstream. We know the procedures well and can assist you in getting the formal support.

Code Analysis

We can provide you with compiler-based tools for identifying unsafe or non-optimal code constructions that are specific to your target platform.
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